Irrigation is an essential part of a beautiful landscaping creation.

Irrigation for a Lush Landscape

Installation, repair and maintenance of irrigation systems

In addition to proper design and installation of a landscape, irrigation is an essential part of a beautiful landscaping creation. Primavera Landscaping has licensed professionals who specialize in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems to ensure efficient water delivery, build strong root systems for the plants, and reduce runoff. A team of experts specializes in building, customizing or repairing existing irrigation systems to deliver proper and efficient water delivery to the beautiful greeneries of your landscape.

The company coordinates inspections of the irrigation system according to schedule. The certified technicians provide recommendations for modifications that improve conservation, as well as the installation of smart technologies for water management. The crew is experienced at installing and operating smart technologies for water management systems that schedule irrigation. Those applications are based on this constant ever-changing environment which influences plants and soil.

Our Maintenance Services

Primavera Landscaping, Inc. provides landscaping services that will delight its clients

✓ Design and installation of new irrigation systems
✓ Repairs and adjustments
✓ Monitor of existing irrigation systems
✓ Monthly inspection
✓ Seasonal re-setting of irrigation controllers
✓ License: LI#-22518


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